Tuesday, August 29, 2017

D'Laksa - Authentic Penang Assam Laksa in Johor Bahru, even Singapore!

From a humble pop-up stall at ground floor to having a shop in Johor Bahru KSL City and now even at Singapore, D’Laksa has started since 2012, claiming on serving the most authentic and original Penang Assam Laksa in Johor Bahru. D'Laksa is no stranger at Singapore food fairs as well.
Hougang Mall SGfoodfeed Sutera mall KSL City Best cheap niceAffordable and authentic food in an air-conditioned place is pretty rare and D’Laksa has succeeded in keeping the prices low while maintaining the quality.
Those who plan to eat the noodles at home can ask for the soup to be packed separately.
One bowl of noodles is enough for a light lunch, but those with bigger appetites can order fish balls on the side. The Laksa selling at 6RM while fishball at 5RM.
Hougang Mall SGfoodfeed Sutera mall KSL City Best cheap nice
You may have noticed that my bowl of assam laksa is served in a takeaway bowl. The concept of D'Laksa in Johor operates like a takeaway kiosk but there is seating area like a food court in their shops. Assam Laksa was served with generous servicing of shredded cucumber, onions, pineapple, sardines and a thicker chewy version of bee hoon. 
The soup does pack a punch with its sourish and tanginess, further lifted with the cut red chili with prawn paste, bringing sweet, sour and spicy taste to my taste bud all at the same time.
Hougang Mall SGfoodfeed Sutera mall KSL City Best cheap nice
I don't often eat assam laksa, but I have to admit I fell in love upon the first mouthful!
It was super refreshing with the hot and sour stock. The soup was super rich in flavor with that soft and chewy white noodle complements the dish perfectly!
Finally, we have one in our Singapore heartlands at Hougang Mall!

It's a takeaway kiosk in Hougang mall, so dry and wet ingredients are separately packed so you could bring them home and mix them up to enjoy. It's not located in central area, but at least there is no need to jam for Customs clearance. Tastewise I would say is very similar.

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